Julie Scheuler Photography | Lilly & Caiden

So glad I got to see these cute kids again and their beautiful mom who I went to High School with.  Lilly is quiet, so sweet, and loves photography.  Caiden was a little ornery at first but once he warmed up his silliness came out and so did his big smile.  <3




Julie Scheuler Photography | Davis Family

I love this family.  These guys had me laughing the whole time.  I look at them and think about what my boys will be like when they’re all grown up.


I think this is my favorite!  The expressions are priceless!




Julie Scheuler Photography / Doran Family

I met Bethany last spring at First Christian Church while I was preparing for a speech on photography for MOPS.  She was so sweet and we instantly hit it off.  We talked about our kids and how she has three girls and I have three boys.  She told me what it would be like in a few years when all of my kids are busy in activities and on the go.  She told me that being a mom keeps getting better as my babies grow up.  I so enjoyed our talk and was super excited when she asked me to take their pictures.  We got lucky with the perfect fall evening and I had so much fun photographing them I didn’t want their session to end.  They didn’t take a bad picture!  I wish I could put the entire session on the blog, but here are my top favorites.  Enjoy!!!




Julie Scheuler Photography / Fisher Family & One Year Portraits

Yeah!!!  Sweet baby Sloane is ONE!  Just yesterday I was taking Connie’s maternity portraits and now Sloane is toddling around.  Why does time have to go so fast?  She’s going to be 5 before we know it!  I love that I was able to capture these sweet moments for one of my best friends and her beautiful family.  Sloane is always so happy and was so much fun to photograph!  Don’t you just love her little red boots?  I’m so glad I can get my little girl fix though my friends children, my nieces, and all the cuties that I get to photograph!  <3

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