I’m SO happy to announce Tabby Woolard as part of the Julie Scheuler Photography 2017 Senior Model Program! I love spending time with this kind-hearted and funny young lady.  Tabby recently traveled to London with her school (how cool is that?!), she plays volleyball, loves Chipotle, is super organized, and enjoys watching baseball.  She was inducted into National Honor Society and plans to be a nurse one day.

Her mini model session was so much fun!  As soon as she finished up with her hair and makeup appointments the rain started pouring down.  The kind of rain where you can’t see 10 feet in front of you.  Ugh!  Tabby was such a great sport as we re-located and by the time we were ready to photograph the sky cleared.  It was pretty amazing really.  Other than walking in the squishy wet grass it was perfect!

Thank you so much for joining the Julie Scheuler 2017 Senior Model Program! I am SO EXCITED for your upcoming senior session and can’t wait to capture many fun moments throughout your whole senior year!!!


At the end, we took one more quick picture in her model t-shirt!  I asked Kari from Petals Gift Shop to help me create these super cute shirts and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout!  Being beautiful is all about who you are on the inside and how you make other people feel.  A warm smile, a genuine compliment, having compassion for others…..those are the things that make a person stand out.


Best of luck in this year Tabby!  I’m thrilled to be a part of it!



Hair – Crystal Edgecombe, Makeup – Denise Alexander | HeadlinesSpaVilla





I’m SUPER excited to announce Layton Stimler (known by her friends as “Lay” or “Lay Stims”) as part of the Julie Scheuler Photography 2017 Senior Model Program!  I just love this sweet young lady.  We had so much fun during her mini model session.  The drizzling rain didn’t phase her one bit and even at the end when it started to pour she was amazing!  Not only is she beautiful on the inside and out, she has brains too.  She’s maintained high honor roll every quarter and her dream job is to be an attorney.

Thank you so much for joining the Julie Scheuler 2017 Senior Model Program!  I CAN’T WAIT for your upcoming senior session and I look forward to capturing many fun moments throughout your whole senior year!!!


After the model session wrapped up, we took a couple more pictures in her 2017 model t-shirt.  Can you even tell it’s pouring rain here?  Oh’ man was it coming down.  I was trying to hold an umbrella over Layton, hold my camera, move the umbrella out of the picture, take the picture….I was one hot mess!  On the other hand, as you can tell, Layton was cool, calm, and collective the whole time.    LOL!


Being gorgeous is all about who you are on the inside and how you make others feel.  This is a favorite quote of mine which was the reason I decided to go with “hello gorgeous” as my theme for 2017.  I couldn’t be more proud to say my senior models are truly pretty in every way!




(Hair – Crystal Edgecombe,  Makeup – Denise Alexander | HeadlineSpaVilla

Duck Derby 2016 | Decatur, IL Photographer

The 25th annual Duck Derby was held this past Saturday by the Children’s Museum of Illinois and I was happy to be able to capture some of it.  This wonderful fundraiser is so much fun for the whole family and the winner walks away with $3,500!  This event was a huge success as many turned out to see if their duck crossed the finish line first.  It was a perfect day and kids were able to enjoy inflatables, face painting, a craft from Next of Kiln, kids duck race, free admission to the museum, DJ Mondo dance party, and concessions from Texas Roadhouse.  Not to mention, some water splashing fun and getting up close to the fire truck!  It was a fun morning had by all!

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Julie Scheuler Photography | Mama and Me Spring Session

Now scheduling Mama + Me Mini Sessions!

$175 for 25 minutes and 10 digital images, plus 1-8×10

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, if you still looking for the perfect gift idea for the special mom in your life, contact me today for a gift certificate!

I can be reached at 847-477-3570 or


I love photographing beautiful mama’s and their babies.  Capturing these images for my best friend makes my heart so happy.  I hope someday Sloane will look at these images and see how much her mama loves her.  What a lucky little girl to have such an amazing and beautiful mom, inside and out.  Love you both!



Julie Scheuler Photography | Winter Family Session

Courtnay and I went to high school together and I was ecstatic when she asked me to take their family pictures.  You know when you run into the same person all the time?  Well, Courtnay is that friend!  No matter what she always has a smile on her face and usually a funny story to make me laugh.  Whether it’s at the grocery store, the mall, Target, or Hobby Lobby….I love running into her!  I finally got to meet her sweet husband and I photographed her beautiful daughters for the second time.  I’m so happy to re-connect with her and even more thrilled we found time to have coffee the other morning!  With her working the 3rd shift at the hospital, going to school, and raising two girls….she is one busy lady!  Thank you Courtnay for choosing me to document this stage in your life, sure hope we can have coffee again soon!






Enjoy!  xo